Kiersten Rowland

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A walk through a cork oak forest

25 October 2017

Laura and I decided to go for a walk yesterday. She had recently been in this area and I said I would like to see the freshly harvested cork oak trees as I had never seen them.

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I got married

31 July 2015

Actually I've been married a month now. Richard and I ran off to Gibraltar and got married on 30th June

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What night time visitors do we get in the garden?

09 April 2015

Have you ever wondered what night time visitors you get in your garden? Well I did, I know we have them, they leave evidence behind, some more so than others! So I set up a camera trap that I'm lucky to have and hope never to have stolen.

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How fragile life is

04 April 2015

A poppy seems, to me, a good example of how fragile life is. I photographed these beautiful poppies in the morning, a few hours later they were gone, gone for good.

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