Dog Walk

#lanjaron #dogs #cats

Different type of dog walk today, no blue sky and we got wet 😍 Got up early to walk the dogs before the running race and our roads are closed. It's never good to meet runners with Rita, she likes to chase them 😂 I was distracted by the cloud formations from the coast up to us up in the Alpujarras and failed to notice was the rain moving in from the west. We arrived at the ermita and it started to rain big blobs of rain on us, so we had to run home, still got rather wet though. Turns out the running race is next Sunday so didn't need to get up early 😂

Rainy day ☔ Most we've had this year, good job I got up early after all 😁 So far 37mm and more to come by the look of it, only a dribble was forecast so I am very happy. Shame I forgot about the onions that were on the roof terrace drying 🙄