Audition to be a GIF

#dogwalk #cats #video

Sooty auditioned to be a GIF! We've had some crazy winds, again, in Lanjaron, we recorded 70kph in the early hours of today.

Proof of the wind can be seen in the short video clip from the dog walk

But the funny story is from this afternoon. I was searching for my secateurs that had blown away, Sooty ran up a tree, she likes to do this. I looked at her and told her it was not a good idea in this wind, so she ran higher up the tree! An enormous prolonged gust came, I checked on her again to see she was hanging on like a cartoon character by her front two feet and her body and back feet were blowing in the wind. I was helpless with laughter and trying to get my mobile out my pocket to video it 😂 Needless to say I failed at videoing her as it was all over so quickly. She did hold on but as soon as the wind eased enough she ran down the tree to the ground. Sooty is recovering from the windy fun by sleeping on Sweep. Me, I'm still shedding tears from the wannabe GIF known as Sooty.