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Under attack

02 July 2008

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I had the fright of my life today, I was checking on the veg, arrived at the courgettes pondering ‘should I pick any’ when with my next footfall a 2meter long as thick as your fist brown snake shot out and took off up and away from me (thank god). Unfortunately it moved so fast, and I didnt recover quick enough from the shock, that I didnt get time to identify it and I didnt have my camera to take any pics!!! But I promise you ive seen enough snakes now to cope with them but this was the biggest ive ever seen and it scared the life nearly out of me. I shall not be going out there again unless im wearing full battle armour!

Also whilst out on the veggie check ive noticed our sweet corn is coming under attack from something, only 2 days ago Richard and I were smuggly talking about how well the sweet corn was doing and no rats had eaten it as its nearly ready for picking, but oh how you get brought back to earth with a bump. The picture shows what we believe is having a feast on our cobs, along with the birds!!! So the race is on, can we get the sweet corn to rippen before all the beasts of the Alpujarra have eaten them? Dosnt seem fair as ive nutured them from seed, transplanted the little seedlings into the ground, fed them water, for them now to get over 6ft tall to be eaten by others.

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