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Two contrasting videos from our trip to Patagonia!

03 December 2010

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Blizzards, snowdrifts, gales, frostbite, snowblindness, buried tents, floods, hardship, cold, sleepless nights. It must be summer then in deepest Patagonia.

What better way to celebrate a return from the mountains than with bottles of Malbec and a rendition of “Alouette” with a load of drunken frenchmen! Filmed at “Como Vaca” steakhouse, EL Chalten, Argentina.


Marie: Welcome back you mad women !!!!!!!! glad to hear you are safe and sound back from Patagonia, Buliva, Begonia or where ever in the world you have just been……. playing in the ice fields you should have come back to Brum we have had our own ice fields to contend with……… have just watched your two videos I cannot believe you are still in one piece and not some frozen statue still in your sleeping bags in your tent (although it looked more like a large sock !!!!!) the second video looks like much more fun and seeing as you were in tee shirts a heck of a lot warmer….. I expect the alcohol helps to warm the inside so I hope you drank copious amounts of it to thaw yourselves out. Anyway glad you are back safe and sound. Love from a very warm person in her centrally heated bungalow watching the Birmingham ice fields rapidly melting and after watching your video trying for the life of me to understand why you would ever want to go to some giant ice cube with gale force winds in the middle of nowwhere……………………………… Love Marie x

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