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The Video of our 2010 Patagonia Expedition

10 December 2010

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Ok here we go, the long awaited video from our trip. Hope you dont get too bored!

Icecap Trailer. This just shows a period of 36 hours in which we got onto the icecap and then managed to retreat from it in appalling weather conditions. 7 mins 44 seconds long.

Patagonian Expedition 2010. This is the full video including the Icecap Trailer (above). Also shows the before and after segments including trekking round the incredible peaks of Mt Fitzroy and Cerro Torre. 23 mins 38 seconds long


FiveSibesMom: Wow! Kiersten, first the scenery is gorgeous! I’m sitting here watching the video, looking at the photos and realizing I’m freezing and my legs hurt…and I didn’t even leave the chair! That is amazing - what stamina! I’ll have to see these again to be sure I didn’t miss anything! Thank you for sharing them! So glad you had a great trip!

norwood: Thanks for sharing the videos. Amazing, Stunning. I’m glad you retreated that whiteout was absolutely frightening. Oh.. but the video ends well with wine, beer, beef, men sining and your prized vulture sighting. norwood

David Spreadborough: I am even more gutted that I am not joining you all on the next trip! Take care out there and look forward to seeing you all in the Spring.

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