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The Aga

28 November 2008

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Ok so today we are living in windy Lanjaron in sunny southern Spain and its due to get very cold this weekend and even windier!!! Our temperamental aga is being put to the test today for the first time this winter as it is windy.

On a non-windy day the aga smokes us out of our house, but on a windy day it performs perfectly heating up the 2 radiators in the house just enough so we don’t have to wear woolly hats. Whilst rescuing the Hibiscus tree and fetching some fire wood I managed to reopen my cut again which is now plastered together, but on a good note Richard has been making a pumpkin (as we do seem to have rather a lot of these) soup on the aga, we have opened a bottle of wine and have taken our woolly hats off.

arga and pumpkin soup
arga and pumpkin soup

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