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Skijoring with Khumbu

27 November 2008

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Well the training has begun again on teaching Khumbu the art of Skijoring in the Sierra Nevada! Our attempts last winter were not good, he was too young. This winter however it turns out he is a natural so far on the flat snow. For those who dont know what Skijoring is, its using a dog to assist a cross country skier, one to three dogs can be used, so all I have to do is prove we can do this then maybe I can get a few more Siberian Huskys!!

Richard and Khumbu Skijoring
Richard and Khumbu Skijoring

Now our thoughts on it are we could use him to assist us in going up hill in ski mountaineering or ski touring. My biggest problem is what do you do with him once you get to the top of a mountain? As everyone knows you are not supposed to let Huskys off the lead, so how can we get to ski down the mountain making sure he comes with us, but not attached to us, rather than taking off on his own adventure!? If anyone reads this and has any ideas then please leave a comment, all help will be greatly appreciated.

This video shows the training, don’t laugh it was our first attempt!

This video shows ideally what I would like to achieve with a husky on a decent, great video and worth a watch.

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