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The weather on one day in September 2007

04 November 2008

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Last year on my birthday in September we had a freak storm here in Lanjaron. The sky went green, the wind went wild, the rain lashed and then the hail came!  We had to take shelter in the house and the noise of the hail on the house frightened the dogs. To us it seemed like we were in the middle of a hurricane. After the storm there was ice everywhere, unheard of in Southern Spain in September. All of our plants and vegetables were ruined for that year, they looked like someone had taken a machine gun to them, the fruit that did manage to stay on the trees grew with lots of bruising . We took a short video of the goings on. Guess what happened this year on my birthday in September - it poured down with rain again!!! No freaky storm this year though but be warned if your thinking of coming to Spain around the middle of September make sure you bring some wet weather gear!!

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