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Scorpion! - Buthus occitanus or Buthus ibericus

06 June 2010

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So there I was minding my own business weeding away in the veggie garden, when I felt a sharp pain in my finger. I took my glove off to investigate what the problem was but noticed movement to my right …….. a scorpion making a run for it! I think I had been stung by the scorpion but luckily because I had gloves on they stopped the full impact.

These scorpions are not deadly but can produce a very painful sting
These scorpions are not deadly but can produce a very painful sting

So after my encounter with the scorpion I started using a trowel to dig up the weeds, which then I managed to dig up a Scolopendra! Ive mentioned these before in a previous post. That evening whilst sat on the roof terrace keeping an eye on the chickens who had been let out for a run around I heard something crashing about below me. I looked down to the swimming pool terrace to see a snake about a 1.5m long trying desperately to get over the fence. I did not take a photo of it as I was trying to get the dogs inside as they were a little to keen to find out what was making the noise. But it was big, dark and moved incredibly quick. Ive given up weeding for now unless im wearing full body armour. Word of warning, if you do go into the garden to weed in Spain, wear gloves, long trousers, long sleeved t’shirt and boots. DO NOT wear no gloves, shorts, t’shirt and flip flops!


Dena Rowlands: It’s stories like this that make me think twice about my plan to someday sell the business and live on campo! (currently live in small Spanish town) Still, it’s probably a small price to pay for outside space and CHICKENS!

Victoria Twead: How come you attract these pesky critters? I’ve never come across any of them, touch wood. Except a very shy snake once. Perhaps I don’t do the weeding enough? :)

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