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Patagonia 2010 has arrived

13 November 2010

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Well the day has nearly arrived for us to leave to one of the windyest wildest places on earth, yes Patagonia. But it is one of the most beautiful places on this planet ive ever seen, it is worth the hardship you endure to be there. This year we have dehydrated our own food, rather than make the mistake of last time (soya mince, packet soup, & pasta for 7 days, no variation of this boring food).

10 days worth of food for 2 people!
10 days worth of food for 2 people!

The photo above shows the food we are taking on the icecap for 10 days. That amount of food will feed the 2 of us! Dosnt look alot does it. We do have a few more bits to add to it like dried fruit and nuts. This time we have bulghar wheat chilli, north african stew, curry, rice, pasta, couscous, and mashpotato. If you want to follow us and find out more information about what we are doing you can do so at the link below, Richard has set up a webpage with lots of information on it, even photos from our last trip there in 2006 and an interactive map. So all that is left to say is wish us a safe journey.


Dena Rowlands: Wow! I think you are very adventurous! It sounds fabulous! Hope you have a wonderful time and please keep safe! Very impressed that you’ve made your own dried food! How do you do it? take care x

Kiersten: Hi Dena Thanks for your comment, I dont get many on here at all ha ha. Re the dried food we brought a dehydrator machine so we make a meal, make to much of it and dehydrate the rest. Once it is done we have vaccume seal the bags so it can last a long time. Its a great way to get the meals you like and they are very lightweight. If you want more info, let me know when I get back x

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