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Khumbus new game

08 September 2009

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We all know Khumbu loves the pool and this Siberian Husky’s latest game is to take the floating chlorine dispenser out of the pool and try to destroy it without getting caught. Un-lucky for him he was caught with it in his mouth so it has now been removed from the pool and he has half a tennis ball (yep he destroyed them which is why its only a half a tennis ball) thrown in the pool for him to play with. Below are a couple of photos and a very short video of him caught in the act and playing with the ball in the water.

Khumbu looking very proud of himself
Khumbu looking very proud of himself
Caught in the act
Caught in the act

Khumbu by Marialanjaron


The Thundering Herd: Maintain the Siberian legacy there, Khumbu! We salute you.

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