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Highest dogs in Spain!

09 June 2008

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Yesterday Khumbu and Bruno became the highest dogs in Spain. They made it to the top of Mulhacen (3482) whilst helping 2 Spanish Highs clients make a very important ascent. It took 5 hours to the top and just under 4 hours back to the car at the ranger station just above Capileira. There were patches of snow left which proved very exciting for the 2 dogs. Khumbu had a great day, he pulled the whole time up and down and got very excited about the birds which kept flying away when we got close but more so over the Ibex which he just wanted to chase. It made a hard day even harder being attached to him! Bruno had a great day also joining in on the attempts at chasing but he was very glad to get back to the car, as we all were.

Today we are all very tired and stiff. Khumbu and Bruno are sleeping off their big achievement.

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