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Feliz Fiestas

01 January 2009

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A Happy New Year to everyone who reads this blog of mine and I hope you like the new look of it. Christmas was a quiet affair here at our cortijo in Lanjaron, but we did manage to cook ourselves a proper Christmas dinner which was great. The dogs had the chicken that Richard didn’t manage to eat so they were very happy. I grew parsnips for Christmas and New Year, I’m not keen on parsnips but I have to admit they do have a better taste about them when taken straight from the garden and into the oven. According to Richard, Emma and Jorge they all agreed they were the best they had ever tasted. As for the brussel sprouts, well they maybe ready for next year??!!! For new years eve, we went to Emma and Jorges for lunch. We had decided to try the Spanish way of celebrating and so didn’t go out until 11pm. We went to one of our local bars called El Volante, this is typically a Spanish bar but was strangely full of British?

It was to early for the Spanish, they come out to play after midnight! As midnight approached Jose, dished out the party bags and handed plates out which contained 12 grapes each. It is tradition here in Spain to eat 1 grape with each chime at midnight for luck or something like that, one problem is that they have seeds in them. At the end of the chimes I still had 5 grapes on my plate, not sure what that means, but keep reading over the year and I’m sure it will become apparent or not. Anyway after the chimes are done everyone is milling around wishing happy new year but all with mouths full of grapes and seeds so its a bit of a messy affair! Jose then got the bottles of Cava and gave them to everyone. At 4.30am we crawled our way back home. I’m too old for this late night stuff, its going to take a long time to recover.

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