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Battle of wills - Siberian Husky V Human. . . . .

15 November 2009

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This post is written as seen through Khumbu’s eye’s!


I’m Khumbu, you will probably have heard about me, im a nearly 3 year old male Siberian Husky who loves to run, dig, talk, jump and destroy. I particularly like the snow and water. I’m an intelligent sort of chap, inquisitive, playful, stubborn and charming.

I was born in Spain, not in Andalucia where I live now, but in an area north of Madrid near the Sierra Gredos, I don’t remember much about it there as I left when I was young, in fact I was the first of the family to leave home.

You know what they say about Siberian Huskys? “_they always want to be where they are not” _do you know how true that is! My humans decided one day it would be a good idea to harness the suns energy and worked out the best idea for them would be to get a solar water heater. “Great idea” all said, “save money on electricity”, “use something we have plenty of”!

The men came, removed the electric water tank/boiler and installed the new solar one. Some of the pipes are covered in insulation, how much fun is that for a Siberian Husky!! Humans realised straight away there was a problem with where the solar water tubes had been installed, it was on MY favorite terrace. They have tried various defences against me, they built a wall, I pulled the wall down, what do you expect when they don’t cement it together, they put up a fence, I broke the fence, ive jumped the wire fence and broken a gate.

At the moment they have tied pallets to the wall with wire, this is stumping me a little, so I have taken to going up my usual way, which is up the bank by the swimming pool. They have put a pallet and an old chair there but this has not stopped me. I have a bit of fun in the early hours of the morning I go up onto this terrace and the best part is I cant get back down because their defenses stop me going down safely, so I sit by the gate and continually bang it until they come and let me out.

I always make sure im looking my cutest and wag my tail when they come stomping up in the dark, it always works a treat. I have to agree with them though, it does look a mess now until they come up with something better.

battle of the wills
battle of the wills


The Thundering Herd: Ah, yes, we are very familiar with this ongoing battle. Our humans have many baby gates - despite no babies.

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